Fixing our regressive and inequitable tax structure

I'm tackling the biggest challenge Washington state has ever faced: fixing our regressive and inequitable tax structure. I’ve been working to fix our broken school funding system since its negative effects hit me personally as a high school student. And now I need your help to ensure I can lead the charge from inside Olympia. To learn more about my vision for how to fix it, please check out my September 2015 op-ed in The Stranger (in news section). Learn more about WA state's structure from this excellent series from KNKX:

Strengthening access to the American Dream

Access to the American Dream includes policies that help our middle class families and working poor, increase access to affordable housing, and make strong investments in our public education system, from early learning to higher ed. In fact, as your new state legislator, I am serving on the Higher Education Committee!

Breaking down systemic barriers to success

I'm working to change our laws that hold people back because they are poor, sick, people of color, disabled, LGBTQ or female so that ALL Washingtonians can thrive. This includes improving access to mental health services, reforming the criminal justice system, strengthening and expanding foster care and bringing a racial equity lens to everything we do, from climate justice to reproductive freedom to voter access.