Thank you to everyone who made our Campaign Kickoff Celebration a success!

We packed the house for my campaign kickoff celebration at Pintxo tapas bar in Belltown and I had the pleasure of meeting tons of new folks from our district. To everyone who came, and invited friends to come with, thank you!

A very special thank you goes out to the staff at Pintxo, who were able to accommodate our large group and helped to make this event a success.

Lastly, thank you to all of our sponsors, without whom this kickoff wouldn’t have been possible:

Morgan R. Beach
John Comerford
Chris Covert-Bowlds
Peggy Dolane
Brian Duncan
Jen Estroff
State Representative Jessyn Farrel
McKenna Hartman
Collin Jergens
Ali Lee

Sarah Merkel Reyneveld
Denise Rodriguez
Elizabeth Johns Stanton
Dexter Tang
Liz Trautman
Brady PiƱero Walkinshaw
Jason Widrig
Lily Wilson-Codega
Alice Woldt
Anita Yandle

Tara Lee
Ben Lindsey
Eden Mack
Regan McBride
Peter McCollum
ChrisTiana ObeySumner
Hanna Brooks Olsen
Binah Palmer
James Paribello
Kelly S Powers
Tali Rausch