Our democracy is under attack both across the world and here at home, and it is the duty of our government to protect access to voting, free and open elections, and a transparent government. We are strongest as a city, as a state, and as a nation when all people have equal opportunity to make their voices heard.

Voter Access

Voting is the most fundamental of rights under our democracy.  That’s why Noel has proudly worked with her fellow Democrats to pass the Access to Democracy package, a set of legislation aimed at making it easier than ever to register to vote and make your voice heard.  

Noel supported

  • HB 1513 – Pre-registration for 16- and 17-year olds. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED)
  • HB 2297 – Same Day Voter Registration (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED as SB 6021)
  • HB 1800 – WA Voting Rights Act (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED as SB 6002)
  • HB 2595 – Automatic Voter Registration (PASSED)
  • Co-sponsored HB 2886 to expand disclosure, but ultimately called for the veto of SB 6617, a bill that suffered from a limited process of public consideration so truly terrible that it was important to scrap it and start from scratch in 2019.

What’s next?

Noel supports backfilling costs for King County which offered pre-paid postage to voters, as funds were found to pay for the other 38 states to do the same (a concept she supported in co-sponsoring HB 2378). Noel also looks forward to the follow up legislation for disclosure of legislative records.

Internet Access & Privacy

In the booming expansion of social media platforms and new technologies, we must stand up to protect the privacy and equitable access of people engaged with these systems. Thanks to House and Senate Democrats, Washington is currently the only state in the entire country that has state-wide, ironclad protections for net neutrality. 

Noel supported:

  • HB 2282 – Net neutrality. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED)
  • HB 2200 – Protecting the privacy and security of internet users. (CO-SPONSOR)

What’s next?

Next session we must continue to lead from the front, resisting the Trump administration’s determination to repeal net neutrality. Noel will continue to pass legislation at the state level that protects everyday people from the threat of privatizing the internet, which would lead to astronomical costs for the average consumer.

Campaign Finance

The presence of money has, for too long, influenced our electoral politics. A corrupt campaign finance system drowns out the voices of everyday people for the voices of the powerful few. We must get corporate money out of politics and re-establish reasonable limits on donations from private businesses, religious organizations and special interest groups.

Noel supported:

  • HJM 4003 – Requesting Congress to support limited constitutional convention to adopt a free and fair elections amendment, and overturning Citizens United. (CO-SPONSOR)
  • HB 2455 – DISCLOSE ACT, requiring 501(c)4 organizations to play by the same rules as Political Action Committees. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED as SB 5991)

What’s next?

The influence of corporate money is strong in our elections and legislative process, which is why Noel does not accept corporate contributions and will encourage others to do the same.