Institutional racism continues to create barriers for people for color at nearly every turn while women, gender non-binary people, and members of the the LGBTQ+ community face inequities and dangers to their safety and dignity. We must continue to work to move our society forward towards a world that values all people. We must look at our policies with an intersectional lens and come to solutions that lift people up, rather than tear them down.

Communities of Color

We know that people of color experience harmful discrimination every day that directly threatens their ability to thrive and live safe and healthy lives. People of color are more likely to experience incarceration, be exposed to air pollution, face gun violence, and still experience a significant wage gap compared to their white counterparts. Progressive policies must focus on these marginalized communities.

Noel supported:

  • HB 2514 – Removing discriminatory provisions (i.e. racial covenants) found in property deeds and other written documents related to real property. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED)
  • HB 1294 – Requiring development of a model ethnic studies curriculum. (CO-SPONSOR)
  • To learn about other policies affecting communities of color, visit the sections on Child Welfare and Public Safety.

Native Americans

The 36th District, and Seattle as a whole, sits on land once owned by our nation’s first peoples. We must recognize this historical injustice and highlight the contributions of Native Americans, both past and present, and honor the sovereignty of tribes throughout the state of Washington and beyond. We have a cultural gem in the 36th District in the Day Break Star Indian Cultural Center, which I was proud to secure funding for in our the 2017-19 supplemental operating budget.

Noel supported:

  • HB 2818 – Making the role of religious coordinator more inclusive, with the support of over a dozen tribes seeking to ensure tribal members have access to their faith traditions while in the process of recovery and in preparation for re-entry into society (PRIME SPONSOR)
  • HB 1414 – Expanding access to dental services in the tribes through the position of dental health aide therapist. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED as SB 5079)
  • HB 2951 – Missing Native American Women. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED)
  • To see other work affecting Native American communities, please visit the section on Environmental Conservation.


Our immigrant communities are under heartless attacks from the federal government, including the separation of families seeking asylum. We have to act in Washington to protect immigrants and refugees and realize that cultural and ethnic diversity helps make Washington great.

Noel supported:

  • HB 1488 – Expanding access to the College Bound Scholarship to, and maintaining access to the Opportunity Scholarship Program for, students who are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) eligible. (PASSED)


The fight for equal rights for our LGBTQ+ population is far from over. Our LGBTQ+ community deserve the same rights as all other people, including legal rights and access to health care.

In 2018 Noel supported:

  • HB 2753 – Banning conversion therapy. (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED as SB 5722)
  • SB 6037 – Uniform Parentage Act, providing clarity in claims to parentage when a child is conceived through surrogacy. (PASSED)
  • Noel also supports legislation that expands health care access for our transgender friends and neighbors and plans to look for opportunities to support culturally competent elder and end-of-life care for our LGBTQ+ communities.


Those who are differently abled deserve every opportunity to succeed. Whether providing additional educational support or ensuring that people with developmental challenges earn fair wages, we must ensure that our friends in the disability community are supported. Noel was honored with the 2017 Arc of King County Award for promoting the rights of people with developmental disabilities and will continue to be a champion for this inspiring community.

In 2018 Noel supported:

  • HB 2037 – Extending higher education disability work group. (PRIME SPONSOR, PASSED)


The legislature has a moral obligation to provide women who experience sexual assault or harassment with avenues for support and legal action. There is an urgent need for a legislative solution to the backlog of un-processed rape kits and the lack of hospitals that are equipped to provide them in the first place. We also must expand opportunities in STEM for young girls, and increase the availability of affordable childcare so women can participate fully in the workplace.

In 2018 Noel supported:

  • HB 2661 – Prohibiting employment discrimination against survivors of domestic violence (CO-SPONSOR, PASSED)
  • SB 5996 – Encouraging disclosure & discussion of sexual harassment & assault in the workplace (PASSED)
  • SB 6313 – Protecting workers’ rights to file complaints of sexual harassment in employment contracts (PASSED)
  • SB 6471 – Developing policies to create workplaces that are safe from sexual harassment (PASSED)
  • For more information, please visit the section on Economic Opportunity and Healthcare Access.