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Noel's Policy Priorities

Strong communities require policies and programs that invest in people and build a strong foundation for democracy. An economy that lifts people out of poverty, protects workers & supports small business and entrepreneurs, a robust public transit system that reduces climate impacts and gets people to work and home reliably, and a strong public education system – early learning, K-12 & higher education – that prepares our children to be creative, critical thinkers are core values that guide Noel’s work in Olympia.

Some members of our community have not had the same opportunity as others to thrive, which is why Noel applies a racial, social and economic equity lens in evaluating public policy and setting priorities. A former foster parent and someone who speaks openly about trauma she has experienced, Noel is dedicated to improving child welfare and mental health delivery, reforming our juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, and expanding access to affordable housing as cost of living rises in our City and region and more families struggle to survive.

For too long, the people have taken a backseat to the powerful. Nowhere is this more evident than in our state’s tax code. While the middle class & poor and small businesses struggle, large corporations are getting massive tax breaks and wealthy individuals avoid paying their fair share. Noel is working to reform the tax structure, end the undue influence of big money in campaigns that perpetuates this problem, and increase access to democracy to amplify the voice of the people. Noel does not accept corporate contributions to her campaign.

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About Washington's 36th Legislative District

Where we are

The 36th Legislative District is located in the northwest corner of Seattle and includes the neighborhoods of Belltown, Queen Anne, Interbay, Magnolia, Ballard, Greenwood, and parts of Phinney Ridge and South Lake Union.

Who we are

There are 110,626 registered voters in our district, and that number is growing! We consistently have one of the highest voter turnout rates in the state, and have a highly active base of voters who are committed to enacting positive change at the local, state and national levels.

Are you in?

Do you live in the 36th District? If you’re not sure, click here to find out. And no matter where you live, please click here to register to vote so that you can participate this election season!



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Phone: 206-701-0344
PO Box 99143
Seattle, WA, 98139